Asia Got Comfortable X


Asia got comfortable in front of the camera quickly and started showing off her sexy tongue piercing and savage looking pussy ring as she pulled her twat lips apart to reveal the shiny wetness of her teacup sized vagina. The mistake she made was smacking her own ass loud enough for the well-hung black dude in the other room to hear her! As soon as he saw her naked body sprawled out on the bed he ran across the room and stuck to that snatch like white on rice! They say homeboyz don't like to eat pussy but they sure do if it tastes like an eggroll! Asia ain't never had nothing this big slamming her tiny slit before but It's a Big Black Thing and she knows if she wants to keep her neighbor happy she better learn to get wide inside as he takes her cunt for a long sloppy ride!Dark And Deep Like She Ain't Never Felt Before!- Relentless.

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