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Natasha Dulce (pronounced Dull-say) is a very sexy new girl who applied for a modeling position with SCORE. After estimating all the positions we could get Natasha to do, we immediately invited her over. Hey, we're not crazy! We know big, juicy tits and hot bodies when we see 'em. Natasha is also very pretty, cheerful, bouncy and happy, all the better to make a really dick-hardening jack-encouragement video. When a girl's happy, your dick's happy too. Natasha likes to watch The Bad Girls Club on TV but she's the total opposite of those hell-fire bitches. She says she loves Kim Kardashian, like shopping, hanging out at the beach and dancing. Your typical happy-go-lucky American girl. "I like white boys. I like my guys tall and muscular. I'd love to go to the beach at night and have sex on the sand. I also want to do role-playing in the bedroom. My wildest time was when I had sex on top of a Ferris Wheel at a fair." Natasha Dulce. Big tits. Moist, tight pussy and tight winky. Your typical, fun-loving American girl. "I want to become a famous porn star," says Natasha. She looks like she has all the right credentials for that!.

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