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In part four of Paola Rios Bad Girl In Buenos Aries, Paola tells us that she's going to let us SCORE dudes in on a not-so-little secret. "A secret that's been passed on from generation to generation in my family," says Senorita Rios. How the women in her family develop, maintain and enhance their big, all-natural breasts. She removes her red bra-bustier combo to reveal her gorgeous tetas, opens a drawer and takes out a white bra. "This is the kind of bra used for breastfeeding," says Paola. It looks like a regular bra except a hidden snap can be opened to drop the cup and expose each bra. Paola likes to wear this bra for its support. Then she pulls out a motorized, hand-held breast-pump from the drawer, attaches the suction cup to each nipple and turns it on. Then she applies thick, white lotion to her boobs, rubbing the goo in thoroughly. Paola does this every single night of her life and swears by this regimen. And there you have it. Paola Rios' breast-beautification treatment. Please don't tell anyone about this! Running Time: 8:01.

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Paola Rios, Paola Rios Big Tits, Pumping Boobs, Poala Rios

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