Bromancing The Bone 2 X


Blazes Cousin Chris snuck over for his second video. He was less nervous this time, and I think he was actually looking forward to getting his dick sucked. He told us last time he was here, that he doesnt really like to Jack-off that much, so when I went to suck it...He didnt last very long at all.

Blaze and Brian were hanging out, when somehow they decided they were going to try and "Run a train" on didnt really work out like that for me or them..But I did have fum suckin on both of their young Fucksticks before taking one of Brians Giant loads to the face.

Hanging out late one night, it kinda dawned on me that Brian has a "crush" on Blaze...even though both of them are "str8" and even have serious girlfriends. So I just kick back and watch, as the two best friends let their curiosity get the best of them, and they explore each other bodies in new and different ways. After some nervous clowning around..Blaze decides that he's going to let his longtime buddy up in his guts, and Brian wastes no time "paying Blaze back" for the fuckings that he has given him. Blaze takes his buddys Uncut cock like a total whore, taking it in multiple postitons, Before taking Brians load to the face.

It's the next day...and Blaze wants to even the score. So right off the bat..He busts a fat load of ghetto whiteboy cum in Brians face and mouth, then flips him over and slides his fat cock in his buddys ass, and begins to punish fuck him..Eventually..Blaze takes his Buddys his face.

That's real Friendship...a true "bromance".

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