Insect Hell X


Kali starts out her day in the dungeon with a hogtie, labia clamps and a heavy chain for her to drag around. As things get started JR is seen ordering three ITA Cricket Sashimi and a pot of Insecta tea from the ITA Sushi Bar. JR makes certain he orders two extra crickets with the tea. Crickets can already be seen hoping about the floor in front of her. She is told to make her way to the line of cricket sashimi platters and consume them on her way over to where I sit. Reaching the first platter she stomachs the contents in a couple of big bites. Adding a little wasabi and some soy sauce I deposit that cricket roll right into her open face hole. She licked it right up in that hogtie.

Next Kali is found on The Box. She is secured into a prone position with her bound chest hanging off the end of the box. A fucking machine is hooked up to her cunt. Probably doesnt help much that she has to concentrate on not ripping her nipples off her tits with each stroke of the machine. How long has she been getting fucked by the fucking machine now? When JR checks to see how Kalis cunt hole is doing he finds an extreme amount of pussy juice leaking out. He takes that and wipes it all over her lip, just below the nose, and her chin. It looked like shed put on a facial cream it was so thick. Go ahead and cum, its your special day.

Next up for Kali is The Cricket Cage. She is in a box tie sitting on a stool, ball gagged. Her ankles are together and bound to the bottom of the stool. The Cricket Cage is pulled over her head and the little door on top opened. I roll up a newspaper to use as a makeshift funnel and then send a barrage of crickets right into Kalis new head cage. Once I poured those crickets inside they immediately started crawling all around the inside of the head cage. It was terrible. Thats when JR takes the cage and shakes it up a bit, you know, to irate the crickets. After a few minutes JR gets up and starts to grope Kalis tits and rub her cunt. Just groping her all over while she models The Cricket Cage. Apparently a girl can have a good orgasm with a cricket cage on her head.

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Tiedup Insects, Cricket Bondage

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