Kamrun, Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider X


Andre Barclay and Dominik Rider have gotten on a few times on and off of camera and they were delighted to share my newest bareback porn buddy Kamrun and his big fat black uncut cock! Dominik and Andre started by tying up Kamrun so he had to watch Andre get a blowjob from Dom then they finally came over and started sucking on his uncut cock and getting him all wet. Dom's big Latin ass wanted a good eating out so he bent over quickly so Andre and Kamrun could spit on his hole and get it all ready for some tag team fucking. Kamrun opens up Dom's ass by sliding his fat black cock up that latin ass and getting it open for Andre to take a crack at it. But Andre is a cocky little fucker so Kamrun bends them both over and goes back and forth between each white ass and barebacks them both. What a fucking buffet of white meat! Kamrun does let Andre cum on his cock so he can fuck Dom's ass with Andre's cum and creampie that sweet muscle ass!.

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Gay Muscle Tagteam, Kamrun Muscle, White Uncut Meat

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