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OMFG - Check out young hottie stripper Ashli Orion! Ashli is brand spankin new to the porn scene- straight out of the strip club circuit and into the fuck biz. Ashli gave us a good taste of her strip club skills- grinding her rock hard round ass into our man's crotch like the pro she is- and then her dirty streak exposed itself, and the next thing you know, things are getting quite a bit beyond what you can get away with in a strip club. Our man starts helping himself to Ashli's ass and tits like he's at a Vegas buffet. Let's just say the "no touching" rule wasn't being enforced :) Ashli can't help herself and gets her mug down into his pants, finally the tension builds and she pulls out his rock hard rod. Ashli gets her mouth stuffed with cock- and as a reward for a lap grinding job well done- our strip club customer lets her have it right in the face with a load that looked like it came from about 4 men ;) Enjoy this sultry lil stripper boyzzzz...

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