Marcela Lights Up Her Cigarette And Inhales Deeply X


Marcela is an exceptionally beautiful girl from Colombia who aspires to be a model or actress in America one day. She has done a few commercials and appearances in her home country but she is hoping that by making a smoking fetish video, she will get noticed by and American producer who might want to hire her for her sexy erotic edge. In this video, Marcela lights up her cigarette and inhales deeply, playing with her lovely long dark hair -- sweeping it up and letting it fall below her shoulders. Her lips are painted bright red and she leaves dirty little smudges on the filter of her cigarettes every time she takes a long drag. She toys with the cigarette between her long manicured fingers, and Marcela gets so aroused by her exploration of smoking fetish fantasy that she starts touching herself eventually popping her breasts out of her top so she can suck and caress them, and even exhale clouds of smoke across them..

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