Matthew Rush & Max Strong X


The tropical heat keeps these two muscle bulls so fired up not even the cool 'trade'winds can cool them down. Matthew Rush is a colossus standing poolside in just a white towel. At his feet is Max Strong, equally developed! There's nothing but a thin layer of terry cloth between Max's lips and Matthew's thick bulging erection, quickly they whip their towels off and Max sucks Matthew's massive meat down his throat. Soon Matthew has Max's smooth muscle butt bent wide over. Max can get enough of Matthew's thick wet tongue up there, 'Yeah taste that ass,' he commands. Matthew then gets up and pushes his wide 9 plus inches deep into Max's tight pucker from behind. Its so thick Max has to help Matthew guide the whole thing in. Their massive developed muscles grind and tense as they fuck. Glutes, chest, lats all twitching. Max moans, 'OH GOD! you're so fucking BIG!' Don't you wish it was you? Then Max climbs on Matthew and rides it out! He can feel Matthews huge throbber deep on his prostate which soon brings his to a milky finish. Matthew throws Max down at his feet and busts a barbaric nut all over his chest and face. They fuck like animals but afterward they share a tender moment outdoors under a waterfall. Water cascades on their ripped bodies and they kiss and caress.

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Pornstar Matthew Rush Gets Fucked

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