Mistress Paola X


Every now and then, Paola Rios feels like breaking out of her nice girl personality and transgressing. When that happens, she breaks out the thigh high, spike-heeled leather boots and a criss-crossing leather mistress costume over a see-through body-suit. When Paola is dressed like this and raps a black riding crop against her boot, she looks like a ball-busting, big-boobed bitch from an Eric Stanton dominatrix cartoon. This is a different Paola from the sweet, eager girl-next-door you've gotten used to. If clothes make the woman, then these clothes change the woman. "I have an obsession with making a man touch me only when I decide, not them!" says Paola, looking every inch the Latin hellcat perched on the staircase of our Buenos Aires crib. Crack that crop, Paola. Running Time: 18:37 .

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Paola Rios

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