Sara Jay Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mack X


Sara Jay is built like a brick shithouse. She has the most amazing big round ass and huge tits on a woman with a tiny little waist you will ever see. Our lucky blowjob winner Mack met us on Fuck A Fan and was so taken by his experience he took a job working at our warehouse just so he could spend more time with us. He even made the effort to make us Paul, a giant anti-fertility God to protect our sets. After he made us this offering we had no choice, but to let him get a blowjob from Sara Jay. Sara Jay gives Mack a sloppy wet blow job with her trademark twisting and turning technique. Mack is the happiest man alive and rewards Sara?s efforts with a huge blast of his spunk. Sara happily swallows every last drop of his cum..

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