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A gorgeous innocent girl accidently catches her older sister arousing a stunning young girlfriend.
Two girl-girl scenes. Goldie plays a young girl with special sexual needs and she find it very difficult to be a proper role model for her gorgeous sister, ( Veronica Ricci- in her first girl-girl encounter), who always seems to show up at the wrong moments. Goldie has her sexy girlfriend (Tanya Danielle) over for a personal visit and, just as they start to undress and arouse each other, her naive sister comes home and sits on the couch, completely unaware of what she has interrupted. If Goldie or Tanya reveal themselves, their blooming sexual arousal will be detected, so they freeze and wait. What they don't expect to see is the horny little sister, thinking she's alone, take off her panties and starting to pleasure herself! The more they become incapable of restringing their own passion and soon they trio of females gasping as they all reach their own wild orgasms..

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Sisters Undressing Stories

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