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Getting your site in the index

If you have a website offering surfers free streaming video and if you host those videos yourself, please read on.

There are two ways to get your site indexed by Mr. Stiff:

Option 1 - Embeds

Your videos can be embedded using a flash player (example). You have a feed or API which can be used to fetch your latest videos. Your player can contain ads and/or 1 popup/under.
Indexing using this method is free.

Option 2 - External links

Your videos cannot be embedded on external sites, so links from the search results to your videos will open in a new window, leading directly to your website (example). You provide feeds or an API to fetch your latest videos.
Indexing using this method requires you to run a PPC program

If your site meets these requirements, please contact webmaster [at] to have your site indexed.


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